Tire Fitting Paste white

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For fitting all standard wheel/tire combinations for passenger cars, trucks, agricultural machinery, two-wheel vehicles. Especially suitable for run-flat tires.

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For fast and easy fitting and removal. Ensures a very good slip effect. Chemically neutral towards rubber and metal. Prevents tires from creeping on the rim. Improves the sealing properties of tubeless tires. Skin-friendly and non-toxic. Economical application.

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Waxy fitting aid with special soap components. Formulated to aid the economic and efficient fitting of passenger car, truck and motorcycle tires.

Content 5 kg

Apply thinly and evenly with a brush or sponge onto the tire bead. On truck and EM tires, also paint the rim base and bead seat ring. This helps the tire to slide easily onto the rim without damage. Ensures the correct technical seat of the tire on the rim, which is a requirement for precise balancing and makes it easier to remove the tire later. Note the tire manufacturer’s instructions.

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