Liquimate 7700 Mini Rapid cartridge

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Outstandingly suitable for the repair or bonding of all plastic parts commonly used in vehicle construction, the home, for hobbies and gardening (thermoplastics, duroplastics).

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Grindable, fast curing 2C PUR structural adhesive. Pot life approx. 60 sec.

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Two-component polyurethane structural adhesive, fast curing at room temperature, with a very high modulus of elasticity. Suitable for repairing or bonding plastics in vehicle construction as well as in the home and garden and for hobbies.

Content 50 ml

1. Clean the parts to be processed thoroughly with water and then dry.
2. In the event of damage with crack formation, 4 – 5 mm holes must be drilled at each end.
3. If a painted component is affected, the paint as well as the primer is to be removed on both sides approx. 3 cm around the damaged area. For non-painted parts, the bonding surface is to be abraded using sandpaper (80 – 120 grain).
4. To get enough bonding agent into the repair area to be processed in the event of crack formation, a v-notch should be cut from the outside using a knife.
5. The area to be processed can be repaired or bonded with adhesive. The reverse side of the bonding surface is processed first and then the front side.

6. After approx. 15 – 30 minutes, the repaired or bonded components can be further processed by grinding, drilling or thread cutting, for example.

Note: Uncured residues of glue can be removed using cleaner and thinner (part no. 6130). Cured residues can only be removed by mechanical means. Wear gloves for processing!

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